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Best of Phil

Best of Phil Coke:

“Want to wrestle?” “Look, they have nice, soft, cushy couches, I can body-slam you on.” – Detroit News

“Aside from the stuff I haven’t been diagnosed for yet, I don’t have a problem.”

“He’d save your life if he had a chance.” On Alex Avila for all-star

“La la la la la la la, I’m not hearing anything you say.” – Responding to a question about his personal achievements, via FS Detroit

On thinking: “I don’t typically try to do any of that anyway, it’s kinda dangerous” – via Matthew B. Mowery

“I’m probably just really weird”

Best of Phil Coke’s Brain:

When Avila was hit in the neck with that ball, the ball went on the 15-day DL.

The Lions are really gaining confidence. Having a huge Johnson will do that.

People haven’t hated the heat this much since the NBA playoffs.

Did you see when the the Royals threw a little chin music at Danny Worth? The pitch was called a strike.

Confession time: Sometimes I like to throw fastballs at ballistics gel.


CC Sabathia warming up some leftovers in the bullpen

I hear Terry Francona is in the broadcast booth. I hope it doesn’t collapse

Legends are made in October. So are children from Valentine’s Day sex.

Evidently the show Mounted in Alaska is not about about Bristol Palin. Well that’s just misleading History Channel.

I wonder if Les Miles’ grammatically correct brother Fewer Miles will ever get a head coaching job.

How much is Mazda paying Anthony Davis to have their logo on his face? More than Kentucky is paying him?

Manti Te’o’s girlfriend’s favorite number is i.

Are the South Carolina bench players called Practicecocks?

I hereby declare that all Tigers backup catchers shall henceforth be nicknamed their first initial followed by “Money”

There is also THIS

Oh, and this:

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  1. Gene S. permalink
    December 2, 2011 6:44 pm

    I personally liked the “If you hope Gerald Laird has a Jerome Harrison moment at his physical, congratulations, you are a terrible person.” Thats gotta be one your best too Phil. Awesome blog! and of course GO TIGERS! #detroitpride


  1. The four men who control the Tigers’ ultimate destiny (if they make it far enough) « The Detroit Hustle

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