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Image dump

August 8, 2014

Wow, it’s been a while since I’ve been over here at ol’ Brain Matters. It feels like a comfortable old pair of jeans that smell a little like Chinese food because you wore them to a greasy ethnic restaurant and never wash the jeans.

As you know my main outlet is still Twitter. Over the course of time I’ve posted stupid images and photoshops.  Maybe you’ve missed some of them so I thought I’d dump them all here for posterity.

Here we go!

Andrew Ermine, because…IDK.

andrew ermine



At the trade deadline there reports of escalating talks. This cat can relate:talking-intensifies-cat

Minor league jerseys are getting out of control. Especially this nude Prince prince


This was all a bigger part of the whole naked Prince Fielder ESPN cover fiasco.

Here is a mashup with Bryan Holaday’s swimsuit for modesty.

prince bryan suit

More naked Prince.

figurehead fielder ceiling

prince nude

The world cup was fun. I BELIEVE THAT WEEBLE WIN!

weeble win

Eastern Michigan reveled their new, gray field. I tried to talk them into being the Emus.



Grand Rapids got a new NBA D-league team

sex drive

Evidently the Tigers were a dumpster fire for a while.


Puig has some cold spots between the ears

puig heat map

Rick looked pretty bad ass during spring trainingexplosion

Contrary to previous reports, sometimes they can stop Don Kelly.can stop don kelly

I tried to make a mashup of all the things Chris Iott hateshate1



Darwin Barney

darwin barney

Jim Leyland cupid

leyland cupid

What did Brad think of this post?


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