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September 5, 2013

Baseball has a language all its own.  Lucky for you I’m here to translate.

He was out on the bunt attempt, but it was a good idea

That was a terrible idea.

Sure, he was thrown out by 15′ at the plate, but I would have sent him there too

What the fuck was he thinking?! I’ll fall on the sword for my guy’s crap decision.

I was trying to establish the inside part of the plate. It’s important to be able to pitch inside

That guy is a total asshole, I was trying smoke him. I’d just walk up and punch him in the face if I could get away with it.

He doesn’t have an over-powering fastball

This pitcher is a pussy

We need to get him going

Damn, he is really sucking ass right now.

This is a young team

This is a shitty team

He’s scuffling a bit right now

He couldn’t hit sand if he fell off a camel

We just have to come to the ball park ready to play

We’re exhausted. Is this shit over yet?

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