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Mickey Mouse Operation

February 23, 2013

Here are some random thoughts from Spring Training day one. There will be  more later, but here are a few tidbits.

  • How can Central Florida support this many gift shops? It’s like getting a 4 year sneak preview of a white trash yard sale.
  • Disney is a machine. I seriously don’t understand the crush of people on this place. Downtown Disney was a circus. I stepped on no less than 14 small children. I’m not even apologetic.
  • I’ve seen probably 38 Hoverounds because ‘Murica! Do Europeans even have little scooters? Probably not because they have to actually go up and down steps.
  • Disney has employees everywhere. Where do they find all these people!? There was a parking attendant for every two cars. The parking was free though, so bravo. ($7 at Joker, blah)
  • “Champions” Park at the Wide World of Sports complex was very nice. But, being Disney, we had to wait in line a half our for a ticket. I’m surprised you didn’t have to pay to go faster to do the thing you are paying to do. Disney is not very scalper friendly. A “security” person had to shoo away an old man and gave him a very stern talking to, “buying or selling tickets is AGAINST THE LAW!”
  • Apparently state laws require all buildings be painted a pale yellow color.


  • The inside of the stadium looked like an old theater lobby. Very quaint if you are into that type of thing.
  • The crowd was super quiet and there were no “fan propts” (read: annoying bullshit sounds they pump in) so that was a nice thing.
  • “Champions” Field was the most intimate place I’ve seen a ballgame. Great views.
  • It was nice to see Dan Dickerson back to work.


  • A foul ball went straight back and bounced up off the lip in front of the open air press box. As it happened it was right in front of Jason Beck. I falsely reported yesterday that he “should have caught it”. He certainly could have caught it but chose to let it go for the betterment of mankind or something.

As for the game itself

  • Victor has something that needs no recovery time: a very sound approach at the plate. He’s a disciplined hitter and he will come back just fine.
  • As reported Jhonny does look slim. He ranged far to his right on two plays.  One he got the out and on the other he made it very close.
  • Tyler Collins and Jeff Kolbernus hit back to back triples in almost the same spot in deep rightcenter field. It is true that Kolbernus can run. Despite a little stumble from second to third on his triple, he knows how to run. He wasn’t walking or anything, he ran.
  • All our pitchers cruised through aside from Alverez. It is early in the spring and the old truism about pitchers being ahead of hitters holds.
  • FYI, you can never have on enough sunscreen

Other stuff

  • A Braves fan sitting next to Mrs. Brain asked her if the “Kiss Cam” were to focus on her which way she would turn for a smooch. Mrs. Brain was having none of it. Good luck with that one, dude.
  • It’s amazing how loud one drunk fan can be. There was a dude trying to get the “Tomahawk Chop” going with no success. Several of you tweeted that you could hear it on the radio. Beer, what CAN’T it do!
  • No sighting of the offensive screaming Indian spring training cap. Smart for the Braves, sad for me because I wanted to rip them.
  • Boy, Deadmau5 is really popular in Orlando, his logo is EVERYWHERE.

More from Joker later tonight! Probably (I’m lazy)

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