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The 1992 Official Scorebook and Program

January 28, 2013

It is remarkable how much things change in 20 years. We graduate, marry, have children, technology advances, we even have a brand new Fielder playing first base. It is important to look back from time to time and the offseason is a great time to mix in some nostalgia. Walk with me through the pages of the 1992 Official Scorebook and Program

Front Cover

Check out the fancy graphic design with the cool shadows falling away from the letters in “TIGERS”. Love the stirrups on Cecil. Damn that guy’s thighs are huge in proportion to the rest of his body. Looks like the jersey is a little tighter than they are now, but they are as classic as ever.


Still Front Cover

The first remarkable thing we notice about the 1992 Official Scorebook and Program is the price: $1.50.  And that even includes the tax! Even my cheap ass dad was willing to splurge for one. Sure there is some inflation but that would still be only $2.37 in today’s dollars.  What a deal! Today at the ballpark you can either buy a program for like $19.95 or a very simple one page (folded) scorecard for like $2 (although you do get a pencil!)  Who wouldn’t drop $3 for a nice program and scorecard combination to keep as a souvenir and keep score in?!   Sell a ton of ads in it, who cares. BRING BACK THE CHEAP PROGRAM! Maybe in 20 years some kid will use a yet to be invented technology to share it with the *world. (*like 10 people) prog0021Page 1 – The Team Directory

Here are some highlights:

The President-Chief Operation Officer was none other than Bo Schembechler. He should have stuck to Michigan football.

Sparky Anderson was identified as the “Field Manager” lest someone confuse him with a different type of manager.

The team physician is Clarence S. Livingood, MD. LOL!

I’d be curious to know if any of these people work for the current Tigers club.

Page 9

Wow, this is a horrible ad. Get it? The Polaroid is under 30 bucks!! Hilarious. Because of this I’m glad Polaroid went bankrupt.  The good news is you could pick up this camera at KMART. Double ouch.

Page 11

The obligatory “Trammell and Whitaker have played together a long time” article. Let me quote directly from the article:

There was a time when Alen Trammell wasn’t their shortstop and Lou Whitaker wasn’t gliding around second base as if he were playing the position on skates.

Indeed, there was such a time. But it was so long ago…

– Rap was something you did on a door, not the multi-million dollar slice of the music industry that has swept the world

-Stanley Burrell was still a youngser hanging around the Oakland A’s clubhouse never dreaming he’d grow up to be the king of rap in the form of The Hammer

prog0004Page 13, Lucky page 13


Social Security is financially sound.

Ah, they were simpler, less complicated times, the 90s were.


Page 23

As a result of the IBM PS/2…

Thousands of stats are now available to teams, press and fans faster than ever before. So everyone can enjoy the game even more.

“So everyone can enjoy the game even more.” You are so cute, 1992.


Page 26

Evidently they spared every expense for graphic design. I love the tag line “Just Watch Us”. Also, “call your local cable company for installation”. We take programming and streaming video so for granted today. In 1992 you had to call and have someone install this channel into your home.

Page 28

For $19.95 plus $4.00 shipping and handling you could get any of these great VHS titles mailed to your home in 4-6 weeks. To be fair, I still want a copy of Super Duper Baseball Bloopers. 

Page 29

Smoking is not allowed in the stands. You have go to the concourses to smoke. (but not by the concession stands)

Centerfold insert

Check out this roster. The most fascinating thing to me is that there are zero players living outside the United States and it appears as if there are no foreign born players on the roster. 20 years later the Tigers World Series roster had 10.

Also, you can just make it out, but the manager for the White Sox? Gene Lamont

Page 39

Tiger Stadium had WiFi? Actually the 3G service was as good at Tiger Stadium in 1992 as it is currently at Comerica Park.

Page 42

Only the Toledo Mud Hens and the Lakeland Tigers survived the last 20 years as Tigers farm clubs. No more London, Fayetteville, Niagra Falls, or Bristol.

You might notice Minor League Consultant Ruben Amaro who is the father of current Phillies GM Ruben Amaro (Jr.) who recently signed Delmon Young to play in the outfield.

I find it interesting that they listed the names and (home?) address of all of their scouts. I suppose in a pre-internet era if you wanted to relay information about a good player you would send them a letter.


Page 45

A nice fluff piece on Mickey Tettleton

Mickey’s statistics and physical attributes are indeed impressive

What more can Tiger fans ask for?

Mickey Tettleton was most memorable for his stance at the plate. He would be motionless except for his bat which he would bring forward slowly and smoothly.  (Now I have to comb youtube to see if I can find a video.)  Every time I watched Jeff Larish I couldn’t help but think of Mickey Tettleton.

Page 48 and 49

Head shots of the entire roster.

Not a single beard or even a goatee, but I count 12 pretty terrible mustaches. Cute that they put Alan and Lou next to each other in the proper order.


Page 52

What’s with this tiger? His hat’s on backward and he’s trying to catch a ball with his eyes closed. Meh, still probably has a better chance to catch it than Delmon.


Page 57

Epic! THE LANDING STRIP! LOL! This one went over my head when I was a kid. If any of you have actually been to the “Landing Strip” please comment below!

Page 59

What the heck is this thing!? Did this crap really move beer in the 90’s? Some stupid goose looking thing with sunglasses asking us to “keep our eye on the ball” sold beer? Today we demand computer animated frosty trains and tightly dressed refreshment duos. The 90’s were bad.

Page 65

Talking Baseball with Ed Randall

The nations only year round baseball talk show.  Now we have MLB Network with dozens of shows each with a terrible baseball pun name. Also, what was Prime Network? Also, thanks for ruining baseball cards Upper Deck. Jerks.


Page 68

Whoa, $12.50 for the best seats in the house? Even with inflation that is only $19.73 in today’s dollars. I suppose this speaks to the growth of Major League Baseball and the popularity of the Tigers in particular. Also look at the pricing structure, 4 different types of seats with the same price regardless of the game. Modern pricing strategies are far more sophisticated. Comerica Park features no less than 11 different types of seats and prices are higher for “premium games”. Gotta pay those free agents somehow, friends.

I have to point out this nugget of epic writing:

No summer is complete without a couple of visits to Tiger Stadium, where the action is hot and the fans are the coolest.

prog0019 Back cover

That was fun! I need a cigarette.


7 Comments leave one →
  1. January 28, 2013 11:05 pm

    Jim Schmakel is still with the team. So is Bill Brown.

    I covered that team. They made the 2010 Yankees look impatient. The average time of game was about 3:30, and they broke four hours for nine innings more than once. Would have been good if they could even pitched a little bit.

    Also, Tony Phillips stuffed Prince Fielder in a trash can about once a week.

  2. El Gato Pollo Loco permalink
    January 29, 2013 12:05 am

    Downtown Romulus…chuckle

  3. January 29, 2013 7:58 am

    Did you notice the pitching coach at London? I had no idea he’s been around so long! I had Super Duper Baseball Bloopers, wore it out. Good stuff. I also remember how “fat” Cecil Fielder was – dude was svelt compared to guys like Sabathia and his son, who are also great players, in spite of Lynn Henning’s opinion (ILHO).

  4. January 29, 2013 10:10 am

    If you missed going to a Double-A game in London, it was an experience. Well worth the two-hour drive. This program was almost identical to all of them I saw while growing up. It’s the last pre-Ilitch program, right?

  5. January 29, 2013 10:41 am

    I’ve not only been to the Landing Strip, I PLAYED the Landing Strip back in the 70s with my band. And yes, “things” were going on then too. Thanks for the memories. And memories. And memories. And………..

  6. February 2, 2013 8:47 am

    I have every Tigers yearbook from 1973 to about 1990. It’s REALLY scary to go back and see some of the pictures from those early ones. I still remember how cool Norm Cash looked in a leisure suit strolling on the field during Spring Training 1973. Spiffy!

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