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Back Up the Brinks Truck Pool

December 17, 2012

courtesy of @TheRoar_24

We are going to try something completely unique for this website and have some fun!  As you may know, our beloved former designated hitter Delmon Young is now a free agent.  Your job is to predict his new team, contract years and dollars, and any special terms.

Tweet me @philcokesbrain, email me at, or put your prediction in the comments. I will record the predictions here and crown a winner when ROZAY signs.  If you are lucky, there may even be a super crappy prize! Good luck!

Handle Team years/Size of Brinks Truck special terms
@CLCPastorErik WhiteSox 4/$48 or to Oakland at league minimum
@Yooper_IA Tigers league minimum
@philcokesbrain Astros 2/$12 Option for 3rd year.
@gladdyontherise Indians 3/$15
@JeffreyFisk A’s 2/$11 w/ clause that he bats with his tongue in his mouth. aka “You’re Not Jordan” clause
@cmad3961 Mariners 1/$6.5
@RonJohnson5 Mariners 1/$3
@BigRed6810 Indians 3/$21 Team option for 4th year
@PestiEsti Rays 1/$1.5
@RobertCoblentz Mets 1/$5.5 +1M incentives
@WaltPartlo Rays 1/$4
@beamerpower Blue Jays 2/$9 to be paid in a truck full of Loonies
@mcintyrepatrick Mariners 1/$5.75 7M team option for 2nd year
@ericmcompton Mariners 4/$20
@c2eazy Astros 2/$13
@Max_Power34 Astros 2/$14
@BigDaddyI94 Astros 1/$7 8M team option for 2nd year + unlimited chapstick
@icmilka Astros Hoveround and bottle of Old Spice
@In_The_D Astros 2/$10.5
@SJ_shaunjohn Rangers 1/$4
@aidan_hall21 Orioles 2/$7
@JTUINHOFF Orioles 2/$14 club option for 3rd year.
@jk82672 Rays 2/$6.5 $10,000 bonus for every play he doesn’t screw up in the OF
@nepa_2_philly Astros 2/$7
@suss2hypehns Yankees 1/$2.5
@mcpcog A’s 1/$7 2014 – Angels 12yr/$248M
@40wingsfan44 Indians 1/box of Twinkies and a $5 coupon to Applebes
@Baroque97 Marlins 2/$8
@Stareagle Cubs 1/$6
@MyOwnCreation82 Astros 2/11.5 6.5M team option for 3rd year.
@Matt_Drago Marlins 2/12 traded to A’s in July
@Zaharitom7 Mets 1/$7 w/ Mustache preservation clause
@CaptainODouls Rangers 2/$13
@papastevee Angels 2/$12
@ecq023 Royals 1/$4.5
@zvannieulande Mariners 2/$11 Club option for 3rd year
@MartinCmartin1 Mariners 2/$12
@jcdeb A’s 1/$6.25
@FatCatPrince Hanshin Tigers 1/$2
@mohawkrefuse Tigers 1/$5
@Jam_Robinson Yankees 2/$10 + option
@tokarzontigers Orioles 1/$4 Club option for 2nd year
@TTownTiger Hiroshima Carp 3/$17 $100 per game mustache free bonus
@jeremyberen Rays 2/$10  Plus Knight’s Cross of the Iron Cross and a bottle of Jack Daniel’s
@ben_detrick Indians 1/$5.25
@kbchesser Rays 2/$8
@Kassuba85 Mariners 2/$13 Club option for 3rd year @ $6.5
@twaltman34 Orioles 2/$8.5
@WaffleSyndrome Cubs 3/$13.5  +incentives, club option for 3rd year
3 Comments leave one →
  1. Mattogtr permalink
    December 17, 2012 9:12 pm

    Tampa Bay, 2 years, 8.5 million – all time DH

  2. @bigdaddyi94 permalink
    December 17, 2012 9:26 pm

    Houston 1 yr/7mil. With a team option for 8mil.

  3. December 17, 2012 9:33 pm

    Houston Astros, two years/$12 mil. with $6.5 mil. club option.

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