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10 Reasons Why Jhonny Peralta is the Best Shortstop Option in 2013

December 17, 2012

If you follow me on Twitter you know I’ve been having it out with Lynn Henning about Jhonny Peralta. For some reason Lynn is convinced he needs to go and today referred to him as “a goner”. Why does Mr. Henning dislike him so much? You can find all the answers HERE.

I am here to tell you that Jhonny is the best option.  Here is why:

1. The free agent shortstop market is awful

The best of the bunch, Stephen Drew, just signed a one year – 9.5 million dollar contract with the Red Sox. Of the remaining options, a case could be made only for Marco Scutaro as an upgrade over Jhonny unless you are the world’s biggest Ronny Cedeno fan.

2. There are not many trade prospects and our valuable prospects are few in number.

Any SS who is truly an upgrade is going to be expensive in terms of prospects. If you are going to give up Gracia, Castellanos, and/or one of Porcello/Smyly for a SS it better be a significant upgrade. Any chance you can get Andrus or Profar from the Rangers? Nope

3. Jhonny Jhokes are easy to mhake.

Jhust add shuperfluous Hs.

4. His lack of fielding prowess is exaggerated

Mr. Henning and others have cried about Jhonny’s defensive deficiencies. And sure, to the eyes he lacks range and makes very few spectacular plays. However, the baseball illuminati have said you shouldn’t always trust your eyes, but should trust THE NUMBERS…OOOO. And sure enough, if you look at the numbers like UZR you see that JP is terrib….wait…what’s that? He’s third best defensively in baseball? Surely you jest!  I turned this question over to Lee Panas, resident SABR guy.  He found some stats I’ve never heard of that say JP actually was pretty bad and that defensive stats are limited. Basically baseball statistics are super important except when they are not. I give up.

Bottom line, I’d love to see a thorough analysis of Jhonny’s defense, but I believe his butchery with the glove is exaggerated. He makes the plays in front of him reliably.

5. Even with his below average fielding, our club is set up for this kind of defense.

Heaven forbid we run out a sub par fielding infielder! Sure, his bat isn’t as potent as Cabrera or Fielder, but it isn’t like we haven’t been willing to sacrifice some D for a bigger bat. And frankly our pitching staff is set up for bad defense. Verlander and Scherzer are strike out machines. We finished tied for second in the AL in team strike outs. Our organizational philosophy in terms of pitching revolves around power arms.  The one guy who doesn’t fit this profile is Porcello…humm… stay tuned.

6. He’s got a cute, round face.

Huh, maybe this is why Lynn isn’t a fan. I bet he’d be pumped if we could land Skeletor.

7. He had a down year in 2012 and is set to rebound.

I’ve been told that his poor 2012 was a harbinger of things to come with Jhonny. This is the beginning of the end. How old is Jhonny Peralta? This is not a trick question. Take a guess. 34? 35? 32? Nope. He’s only 30. It seems like he’s been around forever, but he’s still relatively young. I’m not going to get into all the studies about how players fade as they age, but the factor is there and it is real. I’m only saying he’s “farther left” on the curve than we think. He may never have as good of year as he did in 2011, but I think there is room for improvement from 2012.

8. No shortstop prospect is close to being ready.

Danny Worth is a terrific fielder and can contribute but has limitations. Suarez and Machado aren’t the answers for another year or two, if ever.

9. Jhonny is familiar, quiet, and low maintenance.

He fits with the superstars. He doesn’t step on anyone’s toes.  Sure, clubhouse presence is overrated, but Jhonny’s not an asshole. Plus, I needed one more reason to come up with and even ten.

10. It would frustrate Lynn Henning

Before this I was kinda “meh” on Jhonny. I’m downright cheering him on now.

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  1. El Gato Pollo Loco permalink
    December 18, 2012 11:19 am

    If Henning thinks Skeletor’s the answer at SS, then he doesn’t watch footage properly. Sure, he might start strong, but in the end he’s always running out of gas and keeps letting He-Man get the hits through.

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