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Tigers Parody Twitter Account Power Rankings

September 26, 2012
  1.  @FakeLeyland  – One of the best parts of this account is the profile: “I think bios are horseshit” Perfect. Sample Tweet:
  2. @MundanePorcello – Ok, I have no idea why I love this account so much. With all the outbursts and swearing on other parody accounts I love that this takes it in the opposite direction. Rick is the perfect canvas on which to work this idea out. Sample Tweet:
  3. @DrunkMiggy – Ok, I cringe every time I see one of his tweets. It’s cliched, it’s based off one unfortunate and rather sad incident, and it’s also pretty funny. Sample Tweet:
  4. @AlmostHenning – A deadly accurate parody of one of Detroit’s most infamous newspapermen. Sample tweet:
  5. @DirksBaby – Not really a parody account, but it’s unswerving adoration of Andy makes everyone want to yell “Dirks, Baby!” Sample tweet:
  6. @FakeGeneLamont – In another parallel universe this guy managed the Red Sox to the playoffs this year. In this universe he’s the ample-tummied windmilling 3rd base coach. Sample tweet:
  7. @YokoUpton – Ok, it is silly, but wouldn’t you love to know what a conversation between Kate Upton and Justin Verlander could possibly be like? Sample tweet:
  8. @AceRHPDonKelly – Not so much a parody account as clever commentary and lots of retweets. Sample tweet:
  9. @Lynn_Henning – This account takes on the character of a curmudgeonly newspaper writer who really can’t stomach the team he’s covering. Genius! Sample tweet:
  10. @comericaseagull – Squawks a lot during games. Poops on stuff. Sample tweet:


Honorable Mention











@FauxquinBenoit – if nothing else than for the clever handle






Dishonorable Mention

@fake_ryanraburn, @FakeRyanRaburn, @FakeRyanRaburn1, @CutRyanRaburn, @RynoAtDaDish, @RRaburnsBrain, @RyanGeneRaburn, @Benched_Raburn, @1stHalfRaburn

@Brandon15Inge, @IngesBrain, @15brandoninge, @fakeinge, @DoucheBrando, @BrandonInge15, @BrandonInge, @CurseOfInge, @CheckswINGE, @FakeBrandonInge, @bIngeWhiffing, @DoucheBrandonIn, @NotBrandonInge, @IngeGlove, @BrandonsBat15, @BrandonIngesBat



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  1. September 27, 2012 1:45 am

    Thank you for your support. It is appreciated.

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