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Guest Post!

July 25, 2012

Wow, what an exciting day here at Brain Matters!  Buckle your seat belts, my friends, for another post!

A couple months ago a twitter account by the name of @RestOfPhilCoke popped up. At first I didn’t know if it was intended to be a parody of a parody or was just meant to pick on me, but it has proven to be mostly benign and posts random Tigers crap like I do. Shortly after its inception RestOfPhilCoke wanted to create a Tigers Twitter drinking game. Given my big hearted cerebellum I agreed that if he/it wrote it, I would post it here. He did indeed write it and emailed it to me ( if you need me). Like the neglectful tool I am I overlooked it at first and then forgot about it. This is wrong that must be righted! So behold, @RestOfPhilCoke’s Tigers Twitter (responsible) Drinking Game.


Tigers Twitter Drinking Game.


Obligatory Disclaimer:Not to be played with the Rod Allen Drinking Game. Don’t do stupid shit and blame it on me.


It’s a pretty simple game. You see any of these things in your timeline during a Tigers game, it’s time to drink.  Pro version for seasoned drinkers only.


— 1 Drink

…per #AustinJacksonStrikesOut

…per #PhilCokeFingerPoint

…for every Raburn hate tweet

…for ever tweet bitching about the lineup

…for every @catswithbats tweet (Pro version only)


— 2 Drinks

…for every tweet bitching about a bunt.

…for every “Elmon” tweet”

…for every Raburn love tweet

…per neck related tweet (Dirks related)

…for every tweet from @DNR_Rogo that threatens harm to someone.(Pro version only)


— 3 Drinks

…for every mention of Avila’s facial hair.


…for a player’s name pun tweet (example; “Yu got to be kidding me”)

…per #beckfacts tweet from @PhilCokesBrain

…for every swear word in a @FakeLeyland tweet (Pro version only)


–5 Drinks

…per “Rayburn” tweet (This is more of a penalty for following someone that says “Rayburn”)

…per DFA tweet.

…per “H” tweet

…per #DelmonYoungWalks

…for every time you think a @AlmostHenning  is an actual Lynn Henning tweet.(Pro version only)

–10 Drinks

…per “I miss Inge” tweet

…per .gif tweet that was made during the game

…per #sneakypower

…for every “Si Motherfucker”

…per drunk tweet cursing out @AceRHPDonKelly for something Don Kelly actually did (Pro version only)




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