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July 25, 2012

I was eager to do a new blog post but couldn’t think of a unifying theme for my thoughts. So, I’m just going to dump it on you.

What said dumping might look like.


We are good at baseball again!

We’ve won 10 of the last 13 and are tied for first in the American League Central.  This has been due to a combination of strong starting pitching and timely hitting. Huh? Who could have ever guessed we are capable of such things!? Not these people. Below are real life comments from Mlive on May 30 when the Tigers where going through some darker times:


This team is a joke. There are a ton of franchises that would kill for the talent we have. And it’s all for none. This team is hard to watch. Bad baserunning, no hitting with RISP, TERRIBLE bullpen, no run support for good starting pitching, a fiasco at 2nd base. I hope you’re right, but it won’t matter come October. We are in no way a contender.

 The flaws on this team are becoming too tiresome to watch everyday. Hitters who constantly fall behind and swing at pitches out of the strike. An uncanny ability to hit into double plays and make outs with runners in scoring positions. Home runs with nobody on base. Pitchers who rarely pitch a game and give up fewer than 5 runs. Fielding that turns double play balls into force outs. This team has the sixth highest payroll in baseball and is in 20th place out of 30 teams. There are two people to blame for this: Mr. Ilitch and Dave Dumbrowski. There is no farm system, no young talent at the AAA level and a major league roster full of holes. Folks, without any trades, this season is over!
I get pointing out that the team has troubles, but mix in some perspective.  How do these folks respond to the weather? “OH MY GOD ITS RAINING! IF THIS KEEPS UP WE ARE ALL GOING TO DROWN!” “IT IS SUNNY OUT. WE ARE GOING TO DIE FROM LACK OF WATER”.  Stuff changes. Guys play better, guys play worse. It happens.
Also, if you can’t enjoy baseball, don’t try to enjoy baseball. Go build a model plane or attempt to make love to your wife.  If you have time to point out the evils in the world find some evils that matter. It’s a game.
The Trade
I’m not going to run down the specifics, you are already well aware of the goings on.  My initial reaction to the trade was: blech! I’ve since warmed to it — somewhat.  I have no objections to the pieces we received. Solid major leaguers who can contribute right now.  My major beef is that Sanchez is a rental and that Turner provided some promise of affordable, quality starting pitching into the future.  Starting next year (assuming the Tigers don’t resign Sanchez — every indication is that they will not) we are right back to the spot of needing a cost controlled 5th starter.  How much do you like Smyly, Crosby, and Oliver? (The answer is some, less, and not at all)
If we win the World Series no one will ever care. But first round pitching talent doesn’t just fall from trees. Plus we’ve lost three tweeting players in the deal. OUCH.
I know I’ve tweeted it but I am in love with Omar Infante’s walk up music when he was last with the Tigers.
Also, what does Mrs. Infante scream out in bed? OHHHHHH MAR!
Why does Chris Perez keep closing us out!?
Turning 30
How big of a deal is turning 30? Kinda big. It’s just a number, but it can fuel an existential crisis. Can I be cool anymore? Why do I have hair here now? Am I starting to fall apart? Am I told old to go to a Deadmau5 “concert”? These are important questions.
Baby girl
Sure, for the first few months it seems like being a parent is simply filling a thing full of milk and cleaning up the byproducts that squeeze out either end.  But there is so much more than that. It is remarkable how being a dad changes your soul. You love deeper, your perspective shifts, and now you cry at stupid, sappy songs and movies because now it means something to your personally. I’ll never understand men who create children and are not impacted right to the core. Sure it is a responsibility, but the most grand responsibility a man can ever undertake.
The Future
What happens now? Barring a sudden resurgence Ryan Raburn is not long for this team. When Dirks comes back it is either him or Donnie. To Rogo’s consternation Donnie is not going anywhere.
We are going to win more. Infante is a big upgrade for us. Sanchez will make less of an impact but will provide consistency. We win the division by 6 games.
Barak Obama wins reelection
I grow my hair back out
There is an earthquake in India
LSU football will get busted for recruiting violations.
There will be a significant change to the whole Phil Coke’s Brain enterprise.
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  1. July 25, 2012 11:41 am

    Way to sneak that last nugget in there, sir.

  2. July 25, 2012 11:54 am

    What are you trying to sneak by us with this whole “change to Phil Coke’s Brain enterprise?” TELL ME NOW! YOU KNOW I CAN’T STAND NOT KNOWING THINGS! 😉

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