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July 2, 2012

I don’t know much about stocks or the stock market but I do know there is nothing better than watching people yell on TV. From what I understand, stocks are something that you are supposed to buy low, sell high, and yell about.  Need some sound Tigers investment advice? You’ve come to the right place! Let’s take a look at the ol’ Tigers’ ticker and do some yelling.

Quintin Berry

Trend: ↑ Recommendation: Sell

Quintin has found regular playing time and a home in the number 2 spot in the line up. His stock is riding high as Tigers fans are bidding up his price. But there are some signs of instability ahead: 1. Andy Dirks is going to come back at some point. 2. Delmon and Ryan are heating up. 3. Quintin is still playing way over his head. 4. Fans are still overestimating his skill set.  Now there won’t be a bankruptcy here, but maybe it is time to lighten up on your position before his stock starts to slip.

Delmon Young

Trend: ↑ Recommendation: Hold

Believe it or not Delmon doesn’t suck anymore. He is now batting .267 .296 .385 .681 and we could see these numbers increase a bit to echo is career numbers. Now don’t get me wrong, this thing isn’t Google or Apple.  Delmon has undeniable flaws, but you know that already don’t you?  What is gone are the days of flailing away and missing all the time. Now at least we’ll see flailing away and missing only half the time.

Ryan Raburn

Trend: ↑ Recommendation: Buy

The first two months of the season Raburn looked worse than a bucket full of Greek debt. While the rock bottom buying opportunity for Ryan may have already passed there is still plenty of opportunity to buy low. In the month of June Ryan hit .321 .345 .464 .809 after hitting .148 in March and .145 in April.  He is set to outperform in the second half of this year. Just make sure you dump this stock as soon as the season ends, it will be worthless again after spring training next year.

Alex Avila
Trend: ↑ Recommendation: Hold

No stock has been more volatile than Avila’s. A slow start, signs of rebound, injury, signs of rebound.  Avila isn’t going to skyrocket, but he is going to return to more consistent performance especially if the treatments for his knees are effective. His fundamentals are strong: he has terrific plate discipline and a sweet swing which will yield consistent returns.

Austin Jackson

Trend: ↑ Recommendation: Sell

Sure, he’s not going to the all-star game but we all agree that his stock has risen consistently since the start of the year thanks solely to the work of one Lloyd McClendon. FSDetroit showed a stat in which his on base percentage was .615 when ahead in the count and he leads all lead off hitters in on base percentage. He is due for some regression. Sell while the selling is good.

Prince Fielder

Trend:  Recommendation: Buy

Prince’s selection to the all-star team was yawn-worthy, which tells of his consistent excellence. He has had a very good first half, but I would buy even more Prince. Why? 1. He’s adapting to the American League even more. Remember a power hitter by the name of Adam Dunn’s first year in the American League? How did that go?  Prince will hit more home runs as he sees someone these teams again and again. 2. Prince has averaged 36 home runs per 162 games and he currently has 12. 3. Yes, his batting average is above his career average but his slugging is off his usually clip. I expect the average to slip a bit but Prince will hit for more power in the second half.  Nothing will charge up Tigers fans like Prince smacking the ball to and over the wall.  Take this opportunity to buy before the late summer frenzy hits.

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  1. swampass permalink
    July 6, 2012 9:45 am

    Trade Austin Jackson? Are you kidding me, Ajax helps plug the hole’s from the rest of the rag tag bunch in the OF.

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