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Game Observations 6/17/12

June 17, 2012

Let’s face it, some games I’m just more present for than others. Today I was really tuned in to what was going on in the ballpark. If you are looking for a game recap or a blow-by-blow account try a reputable website that has advertisements and real writers and stuff. If are looking for nonsensical (and poorly proofed) brain drippings, you are in the right place.

How about that anthem singer today? She was amazing. Voice of an angel.  Now, of course, she’s probably one of those precocious little jerkettes who likes to drop little hints to prompt her peers to ask her about her singing, her voice lessons, or her performances in gigantic baseball stadiums.  I’m also going to assume her parents are buying her special sessions with an Italian vocal coach and are ordering her imported organic throat lozenges made inner bark of the Slippery Elm tree.

That “Kids Take the Field” thing is indeed cute. Good job Tigers. However these kids have no understanding that after your player runs out to your position and gives you the baseball you need to GET THE HECK OFF THE FIELD. These kids stand there dopier than Greg Oden and look they have no idea what is going on. YOUR TIME IS DONE, GO AWAY!

Quintin Berry had FIVE HITS, stole a base, and dropped a record 43 cliches in his post game interview. The guy is a machine. This performance, naturally, lead to a clusterhump on the internet about whether Berry should be the everyday left fielder. I mean after FIVE HITS he has to be, right?  The other camp is secure in their belief that Berry is a role player and nothing more. LET’S ALL ARGUE! People are approaching this question like it is a dichotomy. Either Berry wastes away on the pine or he bats second every single day. Perhaps the answer can be something in the middle.  First, on days Berry isn’t in the starting line up he’s going to see meaningful pinch running and defensive substitution work. Second, Jim should pencil him in the line up a little more frequently, not “every day” but by the time you give Delmon and Brennen some nights off or DH duty he can start 2-4 times a week until Dirks gets back.  This will allow Skip to match him with the opposing pitchers that best suit his strengths.

The Yankee Candle Co. shouldn’t rush to release a Concourse Full of Wet Fans scented candle.

The Tigers are wise to remind fans that balls, bats, or other objects may fly into the stands. Exactly what kind of “other objects” are we expecting to shoot into the crowd? Hats? Batting Gloves? Scud Missiles? Giambi’s gray stubble?

There was a time in the game when G$ was on second base with Cabrera at the plate. The runners were off with the pitch and Miggy fouled of probably 7 consecutive pitches. I laughed when after each foul ball Gerald would stagger back to second a little more slowly. After about foul number 5 I think Gerald yelled at Miggy and was getting all pissed. Awesome.

We’ve now won the last 3 series and have won 7 of the last 10. KEEP HATING HATERS! Don’t give up now. We still want to hear how we should fire everyone and dismantle the team.

Prince was walked intentionally twice. Boesch (then Raburn) made those decisions the right ones for the Rockies.

Speaking of the Rockies, they look like a little league team on defense. Even on plays where there are not errors they are derpin’ it around the infield after the play. Maybe they forgot to switch back from the high altitude throwing recipe.

How good was Max Scherzer today? Good. Detroit fans have never really embraced Max. Perhaps it is simply because he’s too inconsistent, but why isn’t he more popular? How many Scherzer shirts/jerseys do you see? None.  They guy has flashes of pure dominance. With Healthy Doug back and Good Max making more appearances we will gain ground fast.  And how gutty was it of him to sit for an hour and still come and throw 8 innings and 122 pitches. Gutty.

I’m not a “OMG VALVERDE SUXORS HE NO CLOSER NEMORE!!” guy, but could you possibly see a larger role for Brayan Villarreal in the future? He was blowing guys away with a 96-98 mph fastball today. He’s seemed ansy the last couple times up, but now he looks more relaxed and his stuff is better than ever.

The unrolling and rerolling of the tarp is a dance all unto itself. I think it is second only to the Zamboni in pure captive audience entertainment. All the elements work in perfect harmony to entertain the crowd. There is the inevitable guy slipping and falling, a true classic. There are the bosses barking orders at the underlings. And will the wind blow the tarp!? Captivating.

A great day at the ballpark. It’s too bad I didn’t get to pitch.

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