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The Fix Is On

June 7, 2012

The Tigers are in third place in the AL central with a record of 25-31 with the Kansas City Royals right on our heels. The recent disappointments have have caused a host of reactions including rage, panic, despair, and stupidity. It looks pretty grim right now. Is there any hope at all? How does this get any better? Weep no longer Tigers fans, I have some rays of sunshine to beam on yo’ asses!

We Can Get Healthy

Here are a list of baseball players that are not able to play right now that are going to return to the Tigers this year: Austin Jackson, Alex Avila, Gerald Laird, Andy Dirks, Doug Fister, Al Alburquerque, Victor Martinez, and Daniel Schlereth (cough). While the AAA guys have done a terrific job in plugging some holes we need these guys back. This list contains actual fire power (except for Schlereth, he sucks).

Improve the Defense

Our defense stinks by any measure. There is not a lot we can do about it, but there are some small steps we must take that align with other objectives as well. We have already removed Delmon from the outfield and now we must do the same for Boesch. His defense is brutal. Also, I agree with Tigerdog that Ryan Raburn should never play second base again. See more on both theses suggestions below.

Give Boesch a Break

Doc Worn did a terrific analysis of the worst players in baseball. Included in his list is Brennen Boesch. I think he will hit again and the staff has already noticed some adjustments he can make. But for now he his hurting the team offensively and defensively. Give him a break either with a trip to Toledo or 3-4 consecutive days of bench duty. This will improve us in the short term and hopefully reboot his swing. As for his replacement I would insert Matt Young in the short term, in the longer term an out field of Berry, Jackson, and Dirks would kick a lot of ass. When either Raburn or Boesch finds their stroke thank Quintin for his services and send him on his way. Hopefully Raburn finds it, because despite his derpy, animated GIF moments, he is a better defender than Boesch.

Forget About Second Base

Make Danny Worth the everyday second baseman. He’s a first class defensive player and if he can hit around the Mendoza line (he can) let him be. Second base is not a high powered position anyway. The Cardinals won the world series last year with a combination of Tyler Green (.212) and Daniel Descalso (.227) through most of the regular season. Quality slugging second baseman aren’t falling from trees. Any guy we can trade for is either going to cost way too much or be such a marginal improvement over Worth it’s not worth it. (LOL!)

Let the Schedule Do Its Thing

We have more home games and more cupcakes coming up. This will help.

Do Something Stupid

I don’t care what it is, but let’s do something stupid. Mohawks, dyed hair, waxed legs…whatever it is, lighten the mood and change it up. We need something goofy. Let’s give the finger to the league and flip the lining out of our pockets again. Anything!

Fire Leyland!

Just kidding, I wanted to see what it felt like.

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  1. Matt permalink
    June 7, 2012 12:19 pm

    Great post. I agree fully

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