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Minor League Twitter Rankings

May 10, 2012

A month ago I released my spring 2012 rankings of Tigers related Twitter feeds. Perhaps you noticed I did not include any of the Tigers minor league players. Why? Because there are shit ton of them and, honestly, they deserve their very own post. Below you will see each of the players organized by team and then by number of followers. I have also included a snarky comment where applicable. The comment may or may not contain truth.

What you will not see is in-depth analysis about the player’s skill nor a run down of their statistics. For that you’ll need someone competent. May I suggest a visit to or ask David Tokarz or Kevin Goldstein. Beside, a person is more than a series of numbers. Not all of these guys are going to be big leaguers, but who cares?  They are on an adventure and we get an inside peek. The ups and downs and the process itself is interesting.

Please understand this is not a recommendation to follow minor league players on Twitter. It is certainly not for everyone.  To help you decide whether to take the plunge here is an introduction to what you may be missing. I have identified the major themes in their content (a.k.a. Shit Minor Leaguers Tweet).

  • Shout outs to their bros
  • Plans for going to movies and/or eating – Taco Bell, Buffalo Wild Wings, and Hooters seem to be staples. Many arrangements are being made to see the Avengers. Consensus review? – Avengers is good.
  • Reiteration of their commitment to grinding – #Grindin #RiseandGrind #keepGrinding. I assume that means persevering in their craft, not rubbing up against a skank in a dark club. But who knows for sure?
  • Quotes from Happy Gilmore
  • Hockey video game braggadocio – FACT: Minor leaguers love hockey video games
  • Travel reports – “On a bus riding though [random place]” “7 hour trip through Iowa” “Almost hit a deer with the bus”
  • Inspirational aphorisms – Here is an actual sampling, prepare to be inspired:
    • “Don’t doubt someone who doesn’t doubt themselves”
    • “Live as if there was no tomorrow”
    • “Most of the important things in the world have been accomplished by people who have kept on trying when there seemed to be no hope at all.”
    • “When in doubt, find a way!”

Additional disclosures: I’ve been compiling this list over time, so some of the follower counts may be low. Also, there is a very good chance I’ve missed some guys. I am eager to add them, just remind me (politely).

Toledo  @MudHens  9908  The mature minor league group.
Argenis Diaz @argenis1520 3029  Strong Venezuelan follower base
Adam Wilk @AdamWilk58 2279  You know Wilk, don’t you?
Thad Weber @thad_weber 1642  His great-grandfather invented the charcoal grill
Jerad Head @JeradHead 1193  You remember him from spring training
Casey Crosby @CaseyCrosby2 1017
Bryan Holaday @jbholaday 715
Chris Bootcheck @RHPBOOTCHECK 528  My boy Bootcheck! BTW, he’s pitching very well.
Justin Henry @JustinHenry1 365
Rob Waite @cantwaite 287
Brooks Brown @BrooksB34 279
Ryan Strieby @RStrieby33 205  Country strong.
Matt Hoffman @Matt_Hoffman44 44  A fellow fly ball pointer. Also has the same agency
Erie  @erie_seawolves  2688  The leader in Tweeter percentage
Brent Dlugach @bdlugach 1114  He’s dlightful, Must follow
Tyler Stohr @TylerStohr 964  Writes THIS blog
Brandon Douglas @BrandonDouglas5 940  My first interview victim, a lot of fun.
Austin Wood @AustinTx_wood 465
Jay Voss @jay_voss 427
Jamie Johnson @J_Johnson6 375
Tony Plagman @TonyPlagman 338  Hit 2 bombs in ST. Retweeted me once. Awesome
Ben Guez @BennyGuez 331
John Murrian @Jahmoosed32 267
Bryan Pounds @BLBS14 208
Michael Morrison @Titan2Tiger 201
Jared Wesson @JWesson25 191  His nickname is VeggieOil (not true)
Kenny Faulk @KennyFaulk 170
Brent Wyatt @Bawyatt3 160  Earp – I have learned he recently retired.
Ryan Robowski @RyanRobowski 160
Jordan Lennerton @oppo_jack_lenny 143  Word to your moms, he came to hit bombs.
Rob Brantly @rob_brantly 102
Zach Samuels @Z_Samuels 92
Rawley Bishop @cowboy_17 85
Michael Rockett @rocknation124 63  burning out his fuse up here alone
Lakeland  @LkdFlyingTigers  1403
Jacob Turner @Jacob_Turner22 7285  He’s kind of a big deal
Matt Little @mattt_little 408
Brian Flynn @TheBFlynn 394
Corey Jones @TheCoreyJones 365
Mark Sorensen @MarkSorensen19 352
Daniel Fields @dfields_23 304  Daniel Fields Forever
Tyler Collins @TylerCollins1 296
Tyler Clark @TClarkDetBB 254
James Robbins @JRobb_021 242
Tyler White @TylerLWhite23 237
Matt Perry @M_Perry15 146  He was great on Friends
Edgar Corcino @el_corzo 58  Now in extended spring training
Ryan Soares @RyanSoares2 32
West Michigan  @wmwhitecaps  3167  These guys are fun to follow.
Patrick Leyland @pleyland1013 1235  His dad is that one guy who does stuff. Great tweets.
Aaron Westlake @AaronWestlake 1191  High draft pick, high follower count
Curt Casali @Curtcasali 675  The catcher not named Leyland.
Warwick Saupold @Wazr30 433  If you tweet him, he might call you “mate”! awesome!
Brandon Loy @b_loy10 354
Jason Krizan @KR1ZAN 328  Jason has 328 followers
Jason King @King_Ellwood 328  Jason has 328 followers
Dean Green @GreenGiant2219 268  Tweets scripture, crushes baseballs.
Colin Kaline @Colin_Kaline 252  His grandpa was this one guy who did stuff.
TJ Kelley @Tj_Kelley 249  He’s the guy from THIS article! Must follow, good stuff.
Nick Avila @NickAvila31 183  Alex’s more handsome cousin?
Kyle Ryan @leftyryan91 154
Danry Vasquez @DanryVasquez 66
Other Guys on DL, extended spring, or I don’t know
Lance Durham @LanceBullDurham 802  Yes, his dad is Leon Bull Durham
Montreal Robertson @MONTREAL33440 276  He has a tasty line of steak seasonings
Jordan Hall @lefthandsmoke23 264 Shelby Township native and former Chip
Chad Smith @ChadSmithDT16 256
Jake Sabol @jSabe11 203  Probably going to make NFL films after baseball.
Brett Anderson @andypup14 186  Not that Brett Anderson, the other one.
Jeff Ferrell @JeffFerrell25 146
Scott Green @sgcomfy 135  Comfy? Nice.
Bo McClendon @Beaudilio 124  Yes, his dad is Lloyd MeClendon
Brian Stroud @bstroud26 116
Cale Iorg @TheRealCI 106  Cale Iorg! Interesting tweets.
Guido Knudson @GKnudson15 97  His name is Guido
Honorable Mention
Scot Drucker @ScottyD30 1960  Former Tigers minor leaguer. Great blog about his travels.
Ben Verlander @Verly32 1635  Still in college at Old Dominion. Better tweeter than his older brother.
Deik Scram @deikscram08 321  Has awesome name.
Kevan Hess @TheHessExpress 295  Introduced me to many of the other guys. Michigan boy!
Shawn Roof @shawnroof4 204  His account was hacked and tried to hack everyone elses. fail
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  1. @wardb4 permalink
    May 10, 2012 9:23 am

    No love for Drew’s cousing @msmyly? (Actual twitter handle may vary)

  2. May 11, 2012 12:30 am

    Thanks for the plug, Mr. Popular.

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