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Awful photoshopping round-up

May 8, 2012

It has been a busy couple weeks in the ol’ skull so I have not been able to share my nuggets with you.  Rest assured, I will again be posting Tigers related nonsense in no time.  I am putting together a minor league twitter ranking list I am excited about, but you’ll just have to hold your horses on that one.

Here are some awful photoshops to quench your PCB thirst. (to call them photoshops is actually a disgrace to photoshop, since I don’t actually known how to use it – baby!)

In honor of Marice Sendek here are our two favorite wild things.  This is a bit unfair to Dotel. But after last night I’m a little chapped. I should have locked him in the bathroom and finished the game myself.

Here is Delmondo. Project Runway designer Mondo inhabited by the spirit (and face) of our very own Delmon Young

I have to give @mattintoledo credit (blame?) for this one. Thumbs up Donnie Kong! DK power!

Of course Brandon Inge has left us, but he will always have a place in our hearts. Maybe on our wall too?

Don’t like the sight of that? I’ll make you feel better.

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