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Troll Music

April 13, 2012

An important part of the ball park experience is the music, especially the walk up music. A good music selection can pump up the crowd and set the stage for a terrific performance. HERE is a list of the current Tigers’ music selections.

Now most selections are players’ favorite songs. Joe Lemire of Sports Illustrated has a more comprehensive article HERE. It does seem to me that selections are always consistent with the players’ race. Just once I’d like to see Andy Dirks walk up to my favorite walk up music of all time — Omar Infante’s choice when he was with the Tigers — Alegria by Tono Rosario:

But going with the expected is boring. Everyone knows Raburn is going to roll out some lame song about his truck or tractor or camouflage or inbreeding. Everyone knows Austin Jackson is going to walk up to a rap song that the Comerica Park DJs have to take and carefully dissect out the swears like a sushi chef preparing Fugu.

And then there are the pranks. Perhaps you remember this troll of Kelly Johnson:

Recently Max Scherzer took to Twitter to solicit suggestions from the masses. The choice most frequently suggested was this:

Har Har…See it’s funny because…nevermind.

So about about some more Tigers prank walk ups.  Any of these could probably happen with a couple crisp benjamins in a hand shake with @ComericaParkDJ.

Perhaps Lynn Henning would like to see Prince Fielder walk up to this classic:

How about Papa Grande getting fired up to this apropos tune?

Drew Smyly

MLive Commenter might suggest this on when Brandon comes back (skip to :46):

Perhaps this one is actually too cool to have for Duane

Ryan Raburn could possible squelch some of his distractors with this choice:

Brennen Boesch needs this one. The perfect combination of cleverness and terrible music.

Too obvious for Peralta?


Now it’s true that Phil Coke’s whole self runs out to Nickleback. If I had my way, this is what we’d run out to:

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