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Hopening Day

April 5, 2012

So much to talk about on Opening Day there is no way I could tweet it all.  While Phil’s body has been to many Opening Days this was the first one I was really fully present! Let’s get to some observations:

  • My brain-internet link was really shady. Thanks for nothing Verizon.  I was hoping to tweet more, but that worked about as well as a rollerblading Raptor.
  • The crowd is unlike other regular season crowds.  First of all there are zero kids. This makes sense because why would you drop $200 on Stub Hub to drag along some kid who’s going to bitch about it being cold and who wants to leave after the 7th inning.  Also many fewer women, this makes sense because why would you drop $200 on Stub Hub to drag along someone who’s going to bitch about it being cold and who wants to leave after the 7th inning.  So, you’re left with a lot of sausage.
  • The girls I did see were very talented…and drunk.
  • Speaking of sausage. Nothing screams ball park like the smell of vendors grilling those damn sausages. They could be filled with beef tail and hog anus, STILL WANT!
  • People are very friendly on opening day and are eager to show you how smart they are about the team.  I smile and nod a lot while ignoring their nonsense.
  • Opening ceremonies were very nice. I missed some stuff because I was preoccupied with needing to pee.  Oops
  • Flyovers are cool. If you don’t flyovers you don’t have a soul.
  • The videoboard is legit! Very impressive. The shot where the show the on deck hitter from below with the city skyline in the back is simply gorgeous. It really adds to the experience without being obnoxious.  I appreciate they go easy on the “fan propts” and other rediculous gimmickary on the board.  Very well done.
  • Above the videoboard is a large script “TIGERS” wordmark. The photos made it appear to me that this would be a static sign, but it was lit up with LEDs and had a number of dynamic images on it. I initially bitched because I thought it would be better to mount an olde english D, but this was very cool.  My favorite was when they showed the flames because it was nice to warm up a little.
  • I love me some Heather Nabozy (so sexy!) but the outfield grass looks a little crummy. It looks like Brennen was playing in is own special box (TWSS).
  • My new theory is that the more people crab about Brandon Inge the less attention they pay to Jhonny Peralta and the more he hits to poop out of the ball.
  • Justin Verlander is good at pitching.
  • Austin Jackson’s strikeout’s look really weird this year.  They kinda look like hits.
  • Don Kelly played in the game. I’m less than stunned.
  • I did warm up a little in the bullpen.  I figured stretching and moving around was more appropriate than lighting something on fire for warmth.
  • WTF is wrong with people who leave the game early!? Why even bother! Is your schedule so packed and your money so plentiful that you have to run off to something else after paying for the privilege of attending this game? WTF!?
  • Eat ’em up Tigers guy is not dead.
  • While I have a spot in a beautiful parking structure it seems that the parking situation sucks. If only Detroit had unused real estate available and a host people who could use jobs and money to assist with parking. I guess it’s hopeless.
  • Unfortunately I couldn’t join the pre or post party but it looked like people were having fun. And by “having fun” I mean drinking until they think Brandon should be the backup catcher.

I may add more things as they come to mind, but it was a unique experience and we got the win. What could be better!?

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