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Opening Day Scavenger Hunt

April 1, 2012


  • A group of 4 or more college bros flexing and ordering two beers at a time
  • An overweight woman wearing an Inge jersey
  • A fan taking the Dunkin Donuts race WAY too seriously
  • Me spitting
  • A man sitting in the upper deck wearing his glove the entire game
  • A Cabrera or Fielder home run
  • An assertive African American man offering to “watch your car”
  • Fans excitedly screaming for a routine flyball
  • Someone delighted by the “Where’s the Remote?” Comcast video board promotion
  • Someone wearing Chicago Cubs gear
  • Someone learning for the first time that Cecil’s son is on the team.
  • A fan wondering where Magglio Ordonez is
  • A man over 75 keeping score
  • Paws playfully rubbing a bald man’s head
  • An usher taking his job way to seriously
  • Jim Leyland with the tips of his fingers tucked in to his pants
  • Shannon Hogan
  • A fan referring to Miguel Cabrera as “that Spanish fellow”
  • A Chris Shelton jersey
  • A Boston fan who thinks 3rd place in the AL East is a fair projection
  • A member of the “DTE Engery Squad” falling down a flight of stairs

Hall of Fame:

  • Rogo
  • Phil Coke’s Brain
  • A Brandon Inge hit
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