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Coming up large

January 29, 2012

Much has been made of Prince Fielder’s size. Lynn Henning even went as far as calling him “husky” in public and questioned whether his new contract has a “weight clause”. I don’t want to minimize potential concerns, but hasn’t Prince Fielder been really good at baseball? Maybe some SABR guy can tell us if Prince Fielder is good or not. To my eyes, it is pretty clear that his size has not held him back. In fact the opposite may be true, his body type has helped him hit consistently and with power. Incidentally, he has been virtually injury free while some paragons of athleticism have had their careers scared by injury (I’m looking at you Ken Griffey Jr. and Grady Sizemore).  Sure, it does not help his range or foot speed, but it also has never prevented him from being one of the most dynamic players in Baseball.

All this discussion got me thinking about precedent for the husky athlete.  So, grab a rack of ribs and join me in looking at some of the more notable examples in sports.


Vince Wilfork – In a sport dominated by big men this man is the biggest of the big. He is listed at 325 lbs but J.R.R Tolken never wrote as creative work of fiction than that listing. If you are looking for someone to keep your chair from blowing away, this is the man you want.

Jared Lorenzen – Of course linemen are going to be huge, that just makes sense. But then there is this man, Jared Lorenzen. Tipping the scales at 315lbs he is one of the largest quarterbacks ever. Jared Lorenzen has more super bowl rings than Dan Marino.


Charles Barkley – The Round Mound of Rebound never seemed that big to me. When he way playing anyway…

Bryant “Big Country” Reeves – I would kill puppies for a Reeves Vancouver Grizzlies throwback jersey.


Peter Worell – To be honest, I know nothing about Ice Soccer, but through the magic of google I found this fellow: Peter Worell. You should probably watch this “fight”.

Darts: Every single profession dart thrower is huge. No exceptions


Dominique Dawes  – Weighing in at an enormous 110lbs,  this behemoth was the plodding giant of the 1996 women’s olympic gymnastics team. Today, America’s top gymnast Shawn Johnson is 4 feet 9 inches tall and weighs 90 pounds. Chinese gymnast Deng Linlin is LISTED at 4’6″ 68lbs.

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