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Prince Conference

January 26, 2012

Today Prince Fielder was officially announced as member of the Detroit Tigers. Here are my random thoughts. *Law and Order CHUNG CHUNG sound*

I could pick out dozens of little things that made me smile and were completely awesome. Here are just a few that stood out. Please note, there will abundant references to twitter. Persons involved will be prefaced with an @.

While I waited for the big show to start I learned all about  the history Michigan hockey. Did you know they played outside on the Huron river? I loved the footage of the hockey dad in his top hat  punching the coach right in his knickers and waistcoat for sitting his son. Nothing really changes huh.

John Keating pops up to welcome us. After 2.5 seconds @spacemnkymafia yells at him to get out the way.

The big jersey moment! Both the jersey and the moment are big.

Flowers go to Mrs. Fielder. Many people comment on the quality of her curves. I concur.

Before the presser the members of the panel (Boras, Fielder, Ilitch, Dombrowski, and Leyland) meet in the Cigar Room. How do I not know about the Cigar Room? Is there a taxidermied elk head in it?

Prince says to Boras, “this is my man right here”. No kidding

Ilitch gives some convoluted explanation about how the Tigers got to this point. Patrick Leyland thinks it’s funny that Mr. I drops Ryan Raburn’s name as part of this answer.

Ilitch comments about how other long term deals he’s made have worked out. Mentions Franzen but can’t think of the other guy. Dave helps him out by supplying “Zetterberg”. I image Dave studying Red Wings media guide to be able to help in exactly these kind of moments.

Some reporter asks Prince about the outpouring of love on social media. I wonder how the heck Prince is supposed to feel the love through the web and social media. I bet he feels the love of cash in a more direct way.

Questioning shifts to Leyland who gets right to work saying Miguel will play 3rd. He has talked to Inge who is not a happy camper. I ask my friends on twitter to provide a photo. @Morbidsoul40 obliges.

Prince accidentally calls Tigers Brewers. Mulligan given.

@ChrisVannini helps me identify the guy who asks Prince about his dad.  Questioner is from Flint. Damn those guys are tough. Prince shows he’s light on his feet, dodges the question. Nice

Prince shares memories of being thrown in the trash can by Tony Phillips and Pete Incavilia. I wish I was thrown in more trash cans as a child.

Ilitch has an awkward little dialog with Mrs. Ilitch about not wanting to come to the press conferences. I cannot shake the image of her not wanting to leave the house because of Raul the pool boy/snow shoveler. I start to believe Rogo actually does have an inside view at the Ilitch house. Everyone nods with Mr. I, noting that he can do whatever the heck he wants when spending 214 million dollars.

Dave says that the Tigers are pretty much set with position players. Zero people believe him. I better start learning how to speak Cuban.

Enter Lynn Henning. Lynn asks a question using the word “husky” and the phrase “weight clause”. Gotta give him props for resisting the temptation to ask Prince to step on the scale he brought with him.

Leyland rattles off line up. Grown men become aroused. Clete Thomas is named. LOLs are expelled.

Mr. I sings the praises of Scott Boras and discusses how knowledgeable Scott  is about HIS team. Mr. I is the only one surprised by this. I suppose it is a little amazing what a legion of staffers digging up every useful bit of information night and day and feeding it into your ear can do for your knowledge.

A reporter with an eye for bit of warm fuzziness asks if Jayden will share a word. Jayden is asked if he is excited to which he replies, “I guess”.  This is the most perfect, honest answer ever. A room full of breathless, fawning people and Jayden drops the truth of “whatever”. Kids are awesome for perspective.

A question about the timeline of the signing is asked. Yawn…You can find more HERE.

Party is over.

Doc Worn has another recap HERE.

Also really nice work by Kurt Mensching to transcribe much of the presser HERE.

A big thank you  to Patrick Leyland, Shannon Hogan, and Chris Vaninni for putting up with my shenanigans. Please follow them if you don’t already.


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