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Hall of Fame Hall of Fame

January 5, 2012

It’s been 69 days since the final game of the World Series. It will be another 57 days until we have our Spring Training opener in Lakeland against Florida Southern and whatever offspring Al Kaline happens to have spawned for us to beat up on. So, you know what that means – Hall of Fame debates! Rogo did a super piece on Alan Trammel. Many bloggers are discussing the merits of adding Jeff Bagwell. Unfortunately I’m not very good with numbers or facts and therefore find these discussions boring as a Garciaparra pre-bat routine. However I also have the desperate desire to fit in and succumb to peer pressure. Therefore I have decided, with some reluctance, to jump in on some Hall of Fame discussion.

The Hall of Fame Hall of Fame:


  • National Toy Hall of Fame
    • Are you kidding me!? This is the greatest hall of fame ever.  Nothing but pure joy.  You can’t keep marbles out for juicing. The best inductee? A box.  I shit you not.
  • Robot Hall of Fame
    • Glaring omission? A.W.E.S.O.M – O 3000.  Who else is going to give us Adam Sandler movies!?
  • International Bluegrass Music Hall of Fame
    • Inductees? Eddie Adcock, Chubby Wise, Curley Seckler. Perfect.
  • WWE Hall of Fame
    • I don’t know how it can get any more meta than this.  Imagine baseball writers using their usually methods to judge the credentials of wrestlers.  What’s his CSPR (chair smash per round) ratio?


  • National Midget Auto Racing Hall of Fame
    • It’s not what you think. 😦
  • Mascot Hall of Fame
    • I would induct this Hall of Fame but IT’S AN ONLINE ONLY HALL OF FAME! Fail.  Can you imagine the interactive exhibits they are missing out on!? I want to stick my head in things! Yes, Sparty is on the list.
  • Canadian Baseball Hall of Fame
    • You can only feature a Paul Quantrill exhibit so many times.
  • America’s Cup Hall of Fame
    • The admission fee is $1,200
  • Military Intelligence Hall of Fame
    • I couldn’t add this one because then I’d also have to add the Jumbo Shrimp Hall of Fame, the Open Secret Hall of Fame, and the Country Music Hall of Fame.
  • National Baseball Hall of Fame and Museum
    • How can my own sport’s Hall of Fame not be in the hall of fame.  For one thing there are way to many inductees – 295 by last count. Although, who can forget such legends as Kid Nichols, Rabbit Maranville, Bill Foster, Jim Bottomley, Monte Irvin, Lloyd Waner, Kiki Cuyler, Pud Galvin, and Eppa Rixey?  This is not a random list of names I made up, these are Hall of FAMErs. Remember that when they keep Tram out.  I do, however, approve of the induction of Biz Mackey – OH BABY YOU! YOU GOT WHAT I NEED!
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