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Christmas letter

December 16, 2011

Dear Friends and Family,

Man, it has been a big year for Bobbie and me!  We’ve had lots of exciting things happen, and through this 2 page single spaced letter I hope I can bore you with self righteous details and make you feel like your life is super crappy compared to mine.

My job has been pretty good this year. At the beginning of the year my boss told me I was going to be working in a slightly different role during our busy season.  It meant slightly more responsibility for me but I was hoping it would open up the potential for future job advancement and possibly greater pay.  Some of my co-workers were concerned the new position would not be a good fit for me, but over all they were pretty supportive.  To get ready for our busy season my work paid for a  month of job training  down in Florida which was pretty neat.   When the busy season hit I  felt like I was doing a pretty good job, but my co-workers just didn’t seem to give me the kind of support I needed to flourish. It seemed like I was doing a good job, but I had some negative evaluations.  That’s when things took a turn for the worse.  I was injured in an on-the-job accident and had to take some time off.  My job has really,  really good health care so I recovered pretty quick.  Through the injury though I discovered I had an extra bone in my foot! Wow, was that interesting.  Anyway, my job sent me to Pennsylvania for some rehabilitation and then I was back to work.  I don’t know if it was my injury or what but my workplace performance suffered and my customers were not very happy.  My bosses then decided it was time for me to go back to the old job I was most comfortable with.  I found it was a pretty good situation to be back in my familiar role and the results of my work seemed to improve.

Also, I was totally in a car accident. It wasn’t too bad.  It’s just one of those things that can jump up on you.

Our company had a pretty good fourth quarter and I feel like I really contributed. We didn’t accomplish all of our workplace goals, but we really feel like we are on the right track.  We were able to improve significantly over last year and most of customers were pretty happy.

After my busy season was over I took a trip all the way to Taiwan!  It was really fun getting to experience a new culture and all the people were super friendly. We got to eat exotic foods and got to know some exciting foreign women!  I even got to meet some new people who do the same job I do! It was super fun.

When I got back from Taiwan it wasn’t long before our wedding!  It was such a beautiful affair.  I’ll never regret going with the Elvis theme.  The people at the reception hall did a terrific job making it look just like Graceland.  The Elvis impersonator pastor who conducted the ceremony was top flight.  I have to say I looked pretty studly in my blue suede shoes. Our honeymoon was amazing, after all I am a hunka hunka burning love.

So now we are just enjoying the slow season and being soooooo happy.  I’ve been cutting some underbrush to prevent forest fires and enjoying our puppy.  I understand my company is looking at adding some new workers and I’ve been following that.  It won’t be long before I’m back in Florida for a new round of job training.

I hope your year was as fun and interesting as ours, but I’m sure it wasn’t.

Happy Holidays,


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