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2011 Tigers Twitter Rankings

December 8, 2011

No innuendo suggested

If you use twitter there seems to be one currency – followers. Everyone is asking for a follow or talking about follower milestones. It can be an ego thing.  I’m half expecting spam emails screaming about I can increase my number of followers like it’s my penis size.  How many followers is a lot? Does the number of followers have anything to do with the quality of the content? I have taken it upon myself to do a little analysis.  I have cataloged every Tigers twitter feed I could find and sorted them by follower count.  In addition, as a public service, I have provided snarky comments to enhance your experience!

If you don’t use twitter consider this a primer to the world of Tigers tweeting.  If you wish to continue having a life, do not sign up for an account.  Just move along, nothing to see here.

*Update – Collin Balester is now a Tigers and on twitter.  He has 5,961 followers – Still only a third of what Will Rhymes as.

handle followers   snarky comment
@JustinVerlander 88,849 The guy is the Cy Young winner and MVP. He should be number 1. But Nick Swisher has 1,427,143 followers by comparison
@OFFICIAL_TIGERS 59,212   The club’s feed is second on the list. Official news.
@Tigers 39,469   Marketing and promotions. Why 20k fewer than @OFFICIAL_TIGERS?
@FoxSportsDet 19,823   Not only Tigers, but a good comparison.
@willrhymes 18,004   Little man is big on followers.
@RodAllen12 17,708   More than Mario. Not as many as Will which is a bit surprising.
@tigersMlive 15,119   The unwashed masses like to comment here.
@mario_impemba 13,542   He and Rod are in a unspoken follower battle.  Likes cotton candy.
@bobwojnowski 11,457   Covers multiple teams but I left him in.
@beckjason 9,966   Almost to 10k.  A god among mortals, fun to pick on.
@DannyWorth29 6,681   The 3rd highest active player.
@Dan_Dickerson 6,502   Dan does a nice 3-7 tweet wrap up after each game.
@FSDetroit_Girls 5,920 Behold the power of flirtation and boobs.
@freeptigers 5,708
@Tom_Gage 4,813   Doesn’t tweet enough to move up the list.
@RobbieW19 4,313   Surprised he’s got more than Turner.
@Jacob_Turner22 4,238   He’s short on tweets, but I’m surprised he doesn’t have more followers.
@JohnKeatingFSD 3,479
@blessyouboys 3,436   The most popular Tigers blog.  There’s a reason. Good writing and easy commenting.
@RodAllenQuotes 3,381   People can’t get enough Rod.
@philcokesbrain 3,090 Meh
@Detroit4lyfe 2,825
@drunkmiggy 2,821   It’s amazing how far one little meltdown can take you.
@Shannon_Hogan 2,781   Her belts are big.
@iamtrevort 2,657 Trevor mad lib: “Tell me about _____ (thing that just happened)”
@suss2hyphens 2,488   Resident jokester.
@Chris_Iott 2,480   Tragically underfollowed.  Come on people.
@fakeleyland 2,209   Simple, accurate, very funny.
@Stareagle 2,161   Tragically underfollowed.
@ChrisVannini 1,978   Tragically underfollowed.
@billfer 1,834   The Godfather of Tigers Bloggers. Doesn’t tweet as much, but when he does they are good.
@spacemnkymafia 1,635   Everyone likes tweets like everyone likes ice cream but….
@iancass 1,481   Always a Tiger
@Lynn_Henning 1,217   His account is pretty new.  This number will go up with Rogo’s blood pressure.
@TigersFanZone 1,183
@BR_DETTigers 1,177
@newstigers 1,152
@matthewbmowery 1,076   Grossly underfollowed. Good information and sense of humor.
@SKORNACKI 1,009 He’s on a tropical island or something.
@tigersblog 959
@JohnLowe86 936 Sticks more to articles than tweets.
@littlestclouds 901 Twavalanche
@Big_Al_TWFE 896 Master of the podcast, also has some football thing.
@DailyFungo 887 Backin’ it down.
@Justin_Rogers 826 Mliver
@TigsTownMark 797  Prospects and stuff and stuff
@jamesschmehl 762 Mliver
@norunsupport 742 The Ed Debevic’s waitress of Tigers tweeters
@tigstown 708
@ZumayasElbow 695 Oh Snap!
@TigersScorecard 690
@AdamWilk58 661 Tragically low. Stephen Grosberg is upset you don’t follow him.
@ColangeloTigers 649 Tigers marketing guy.
@Wbetemit 629 Not legit…I think.
@MakeAveKurt 624 He’s got more followers than residents in his county.
@MotownTigers 605 A message board…scary.
@DNR_Rogo 575 Angry – One of the best
@RoarTigers 568 Happy – One of the best
@TigersWTF 506 Name says it all
@DisplacedTgrFan 502  Good comments
@DeeTownTigers 490  Getting to know yet
@JohnParent_MCB 465  Good stuff here
@mlbtrtigers 441 MLB trade rumors Tigers feed
@tiger337 408 Tigers stuff with sabermetric bent.
@garretkc 361 He’s the age you were before your dreams died.
@FakeGeneLamont 349
@NotRyanRaburn 297
@JAYRC_MCB 280 Quality Tigers content.
@TigersGameday 252
@docworn 245  A late addition
@Not_AJackson14 239
@FakeLloydMcC 231
@PrettyBoyBoesch 214
@Tigerdog_1 203 ONLY 203 FOLLOWERS? Are you people stupid!? I know he’s a lawyer, but get with it.
@EasyPapaGrande 201
@tokarzontigers 190 Fun to pick on
@FakeDombrowski 176
@eliatthetigers 138 You should know this guy. Sets up promos and giveaways at Comerica.
@FakeAlexAvila 138 1:00 shadow
@FakeAndyDirks 114
@FakeRodAllen 95
@lilWillyRhymes 72
@TheBrowski 66
@CokeAddicts40 53 My fan club has 53 followers? Really?
  • I included only accounts with primarily Tigers content. If there are  equal parts Red Wings. Lions, Pistons (shudder), MSU, and/or UofM stuff I tried not to include it.
  • For simplicity, fans with a blend of interests were not included.
  • Only players with Major League experience were included. Minor leaguers usually just tweet about hanging out and drinking.
  • No former Tigers were included,  *tear, sniff*

Do you know of an account that has been missed? Do you have a twitter feed that features primarily Tigers content? Comment below. Or don’t, whatever…it’s a free country man.

8 Comments leave one →
  1. December 8, 2011 10:11 pm

    Awesome list. Everyone on here is a great follow.

  2. ivantopumpyouup permalink
    December 8, 2011 10:12 pm

    Twavalanche is very accurate.

  3. December 13, 2011 11:55 am

    I didn’t make the list but I’m okay with that since most of my Tigers content is me pointing out that Rod Allen is to professional announcing and analysis as shit sandwiches are to sustenance.

  4. I Like It When They Call Me Papa Grande permalink
    December 16, 2011 3:40 am

    Obviously not a Tigers-specific guy, but I’d also include @NotHawk on this list, just because Fake Hawk Harrelson on Twitter is 1,000 times more entertaining than the real deal.

  5. Tony Piccoli permalink
    April 16, 2012 3:09 pm

    @TheBulldog_39 Ramon Santiago parody

  6. Tony Piccoli permalink
    April 16, 2012 3:12 pm

    Also, @FakeBoesch he loves magic cards


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