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Jason Beck Facts

December 1, 2011

  • Sources plead with Jason Beck to get information
  • When Jason Beck “pounds the pavement”, the pavement needs a cigarette afterward
  • Jason Beck can use a Dvorak keyboard
  • At Comerica Park Jason Beck asks the security people for their credentials
  • Jason Beck doesn’t get sexual harassment complaints, he gets thank you cards.
  • Bob Wojonowski lets Jason Beck go ahead of him for ice cream.
  • Jason Beck taught Ken Jennings how to play Jeopardy
  • The club can’t even handle Flo Rida right now. But Jason Beck can.
  • Jason Beck doesn’t get interviews. He interrogates
  • Jason Beck is the head of state of Uzbeckistan
  • In Cincinnati getting aroused is known as having an “ebecktion”
  • Jason Beck a master of time travel.  He can publish a story about the game before the game is even done.
  • The Fox Sports Detroit girls ask for Jason Beck’s phone number.
  • Jason Beck styles Ryan Fields hair.
  • When Swedish House Mafia plays, “Who’s Gonna Save the Word Tonight?’ it’s a rhetorical question. Jason Beck
  • When Robert Ludlum wrote the Jason Bourne books he had Jason Beck in mind, but he changed it because he didn’t want to make the character  too bad ass and scare people.
  • Jason Beck doesn’t need to gather quotes.  He writes them and people say it.
  • Jason Beck knows if Santa is naughty or nice.

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