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The ginger carpet

October 28, 2011

Today Justin Verlander was named Sporting News player of the year, which prompted the question, what is “Sporting News”? Evidently it is indeed a real thing with real reporters and everything.  Who knew!? I figured if they can do it, why not PCB? So, in the spirit of awarding titles to people without really having to give them anything of value I now present the PCB annual post-season awards.  If you are the lucky player to recieve a “Ginger” congratulations, you receive nothing. Anyway, on to the presentations.

  • Rookie of the year: Andy Dirks.  Is Eric Hosmer good? Sure. Is Jeremy Helleckson talented? Yes. Are either of them an Indian Outlaw? No. Debate over.
  • Comeback player of the year: Brandon Inge.  He went to Ohio willingly, and that takes courage and a can of pepper spray.  His first at bat back with the Tigers he hit a home run! Amazing! Only 289 players had more than him.  Did you hit more home runs than Brandon? Didn’t think so.
  • Food of the year: Potatoes
  • Injury of the year: Oblique. NO, ankle, definitely ankle.
  • Iron Man of the year: Phil Coke.  Did you see how bad I twisted my ankle!? Super ouchy!  I really couldn’t think of anyone else worthy of it.
  • Relief pitcher of the year. Brad Thomas. The guy tells the funniest jokes! Love ya Brad!
  • Month of the year: September
  • Third baseman of the year: Alex Avila
  • Don Kelly of the year: Don Kelly. Congratulations Donnie
  • Troll of the Year: Carlos Guillen
  • Player of the year: Phil Coke.  Duh.
The best part of giving out any awards? The after party! Let’s get drunk! (responsibly)


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